Trend Report: Must-haves for EDC 2019

when you already own everything on Dolls Kill and need the new….

The Picks:

Bio Glitz Silver Disco Pack. Bioglitz is not only awesome looking glitter but also environmentally conscious in that it is biodegradable. We’re in love with the chunky Silver Disco.

Go Get Glitter Green Hair Extensions. These are best braided or used in a pony tail, but super easy to make look amazing and could not be more fun to wear. They have many colors, but feeling this neon green!

Neon Cowboy Hat in BeauPeep. Not sure if we’re under the influence of the Diplo country edm revolution right now, but we could not be more into the galactic cowboy look. These hats are just what we need.

NYX Off Tropic Shadow Palette. NYX is inexpensive and accessible but has some of the best and most unique color palettes available. Halsey in their Ultimate Shadow Palette, but we linked the new new.

Rad and Refined Bowie Sunglasses. We are obsessed with Rad and Refined sunglasses. All of them. They are so fun and not one of them is “normal”. Look no further for the best festival shades.

Prettylittlething Neon Yellow Tape Belt. This is the perfect layering piece to complete your outfit. Can be worn to cinch the waist or low around the hips. Also comes in black, but for EDC we love the neon.

…Last but not least, The Sutro BOTA Backpack. EDC has tons of hydration stations and we love the Sutro for events with security lines because it allows you to breeze right through. We love sticking twinkle lights inside this bag.


Everything you need to survive Bottlerock – winding roads, a digital detox, and the ban of the backpack

1. Supergoop Acai Fusion Lip Balm – Everyone remembers to put sunscreen on their face and body before going to a music festival, but many forget to also protect their lips.   This is our favorite lip balm for sun protection – with Shea Butter and spf 30, your lips will stay soft and protected.  You can get this online or at Sephora and it’s under $10!

2. Thrive Market Lemon Organic Essential Oil – If you are staying in Napa and visiting the festival you are probably coming and going by car or bus. The roads are windy and we love lemon essential oil to combat carsickness. It’s always a good idea to have this in your bag.

3. Urban Outfitters Lomography Disposable Camera – Take a digital detox while truly experiencing everything Bottlerock and Napa have to offer. Its fun to capture the moment and not have to take out your phone. Also, this camera comes with color filters attached. Taking a photo that isn’t meant for immediate upload to Instagram… We love it.

4. The Honest Company Elevated Hydration Mist – The festival starts at noon everyday, so after many hours in the sun, a spritz of this good-for-you face mist is the pick-me-up you never knew you needed. Until now. Your friends will start to request this throughout the day, just watch. Our guy friends now carry face mist at festivals… Bible.

5. The Mohave BOTA Backpack – Backpacks are not allowed at the festival this year, but guess what?? Hydration backpacks are… We checked with festival organizers and your BOTA is good to go 🙂 so instead of carrying everything in a tiny purse or clear tote, bring your BOTA and have plenty of room for everything you need to bring along. And stay hydrated. And look amazing. There are a bunch of hydration stations at the festival this year. Which means water = free + easily accessible!

6. Sand Cloud Strawberry Classic Stripes Towel – There’s a ton of great music to dance to at Bottlerock, but just as much food, wine, craft beer and whiskey to enjoy. There is minimal seating, so the best way to spontaneously picnic is on one of these. These will easily fit in your BOTA but also fit the butts of a bunch of your friends. Again, your friends will be so thankful for this one.







Comment if we missed something our readers need to see on this list!